Why you should not give up

Assalamu-alaykum (peace be upon you)!

I hope you all are doing great inshaAllah (if God wills)!
I must be honest admitting, this week wasn’t really mine. I thought of writing more posts and keep you guys updated and all.. but somehow I always get to procrastinate stuff and keep my blog off for a while. No excuses anymore. Let’s get productive!

Today’s post is going to be about the reasons why one shouldn’t give up easily and why it is so important to be patient since in Islam, patience is one of the most required things in this worldy life. So, my dear friends, let’s get this started!

Don’t expect fast results

This is one of so many reasons why people give up because they simply “don’t get fast results” and “it takes ages to reach one’s goal.” Well, honey, it is clear that reaching something great and enormously amazing, takes its time. Whenever you are about to give up, just think about it: The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) himself didn’t become a Prophet within a week, nor a month or a whole year. Not even a decade! It took him about 40 years to finally get annonced by angel Gabriel (who did appear several times to him before) that God had been chosen him to be the last Prophet on earth.
The thing is that the results are not actually the main thing to achieve, but the journey-the way to one’s destination- is the real thing we must consider. Just as our lovely Prophet has been on a long, but beautiful journey (of course, difficult at times, too),  we as his brothers and sisters should also be patient enough to endure (and enjoy!) our journey to our final goals. So remember, great things don’t come fast and take their time!

Believe in yourself

I really hope it doesn’t need me to take paragraphs to explain why you shoulnd’t stop believing in yourself. It’s obivious that the only one you need to believe in is yourself when it comes to your own personal goals. Stop making scenarious in your head and go ahead finishing your works, get your goals reached. If so many others can do, why not you?


Don’t get stuck in your past and move on

Many people need to learn how to deal with their past because if they don’t, they will eventually become miserable and end in endless self-frustration and deep depression. Of course, the past may have hurt and may even have changed you in a way, but that doesn’t mean to let this all stop you from living in the present. Or even fulfilling your dreams in the future. You can either learn from the past, or get stuck in it. Choose wisely.

Don’t fear from the future and resist change

Something I really want to entrust to you guys is that fearing from the future and unknown change only brings you farther from your goals. Most people’s biggest fear is being afraid and having to deal with change which they have never experienced before. You know, there’s this quote saying that fear is not real, it it just thoughts that we create. So basically, it’s our own choice. We should not be afraid of making a change or mistakes in order to become successfull in our lives. It’s even good that we make mistakes because that is what makes us humans and because failure is only a steepening incentive, not a signal to turn back!  It all depends what’s on your mind and how you look at things. And if you don’t resist change either, what’s even the point of reaching a goal? Isn’t that a change itself?


Overwork is less of a work

Did you ever get this super powerful feeling of being able to finish all the work of a semester in just one week? This strange feeling that overcomes you with the thought you can get all your work done in just less than few days? But please, only with strong black coffee and silent nights!
Come one, guys. This overworking thing doesn’t have to be! You could have also set up a plan to get your super long seminar (or whatever it might be) work done at time without being so stressed or tired of long hardworking nights… We all know, studies have proven that overwork can damage our health and only induce more unbearable stress..Why do we still do that to ourselves? Let’s make a change and prepare plans for a better health as well as for a better work atmosphere (and to get rid of that strong coffee, duh, it just tastes too acerbically!). 😀

Last, but not least… The world owes you nothing

I think it’s pretty psychologically important to know that you can’t expect the world to owe you something, because you simply are, because you live and that’s why they owe you something. Terribly wrong, my friend. If you do that, you’ll be permanently unhappy. Nothing in this world is free, nothing is either owed to you. Of course, everything is given by Allah, the Al-Wahhab, the All Bestower and Donor, and everything is a blessing from Allah. We shouldn’t be concerned about anything because God made already the plans, but what we can do is that there is some sacrifice somewhere in our lives to have. Expecting someone else to work for you and owe you anything beneficial, that just won’t ever work. Work hard and earn your wealth. There’s never a shortcut.


Coming to a conclusion, these reasons are not the only ones that show you not to give up. There are plenty other ones, too, I haven’t mentioned.

I hope you can take some  of these pieces of life advice with you and learn from them! I really hope this post is beneficial for you, my friend. May God bless you and make it easy for you, ameen. 🙂

Assalamu-alaykum ❤





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