Back on track

Assalamu-alaykum (peace be upon you)! 🙂

Happy new year! 

It’s been a long time again since my last post and hopefully you guys understand and accept my inactivity and absence! Many of you guys might have celebrated christmas with their family, enjoyed the time with them and might even have spent their holidays and New Year’s Eve somewhere abroad. I wish you all a happy new year afterwards, may God give you the best in this year and fulfill your dreams. 🙂


The few past days have been soooooooooo delish to me hahah! Unfortunately, I’ve constantly been cheating on my diet and non-stop eating crap. But honestly? It’s been great so far though :D. Not only have I visited my family in Germany, but also had a blessed quality time with the rest of my Dutch cousins in beautiful Netherlands. I haven’t been there since a decade, so I’ve really missed it! Its coldness, seasides and medieval-like cities and just typical weird Dutch traditional stuff like burning trees at NYE is a must visit hahaha.
Ik mis je nu al Nederland- I miss you already, Netherlands! ❤

Coming back home to Austria from this really needed trip, I realized that family is very VERY important. I can’t believe that few years ago I would go like crazy wanting to move out far far away from my family and home because they really got on my nervs like heck and I felt like they don’t even support me in any of my dreams. But hell, I was wrong. Of course there might be some few members of your family circle who aren’t worth being called family, but there’re still people who care for you and just want the best for you, even though you don’t realize it or can’t (don’t want to ) see it. If you care enough for your family and support them, believe me and trust, they’ll definitely be the same in return and help you even more. With this in mind, love and care for each other for you have the same blood and roots, for you are family.

Be alive

Apart from this emotionally family story, I also did learn that a certain rest of your daily fitness routine is indispensable. Like in between goals is a thing called LIFE, and that has to be lived and enjoyed.
Being into fitness for a long time now, I’m surrounded by individuals (whether at the gym or outside) that are constantly determined to reach their goals. Nothing is way more motivating than to watch some people progress or read their fitness stories (it doesn’t always have to be fitness, could also be school, job, uni, family, extraordinary stuff lol I don’t even know!) and their unique story behind it. But let me tell you something very important and you might get it into your thick head and keep that in mind and note:

What happens when you forget to really live your life?
There is absolutely nothing wrong with being determined and wanting to achieve goals we set. But very often do I hear a lot more people complaining than enjoying their journey. So many of us need to truly learn what balance does really mean.

You are in control of your dreams and goals. You are in control of your own happiness and enjoyment in your life. Please do not mistake me, there is really nothing wrong with being focused on your goals!!! I’m just here trying to explain that everything that extremely goes beyond on that focusing is unhealthy and decreasingly successfull. Once you start being beyond that concentration of something you really want, beyond your limits, you’ll lose, instead to win.

When you forget to truly enjoy your life because you feel it’s gotten to that point where to necessarily must give up on things like relationships, friendships, social and family time to reach your goals, well then my dear friend, I congratulate you on not living.

Just be happy, enjoy life. If you feel like it’s too much and a huge burden on you, why not simply find something else and let go?
It’s time for a change. It’s time for a new start and healthy life.


2016- our year!

My dear friends, let’s get started and do not waste our time again!
If you have goals, go for them.
Work hard.
Plan to fail, fail to plan.
Smile often.
Laugh harder.
Dance vividly.
Dream further.
Sleep enough.
Forgive quickly.
Give more.
Get less.
Live modestly.
Meet friends frequently.
Care for family.
Love each other.
Pray passionately.
Cook new meals.
Discover the world.
Broaden your horizont.



Sir Thoreau couldn’t have said it better. 🙂

Assalamu-alaykum guys and lots of love, health and happiness for


2 thoughts on “Back on track

  1. I love what you wrote about balance and enjoying life, it’s so true. Sometimes I get so caught up in making sure I do 6 days of yoga and working so hard to get certain poses but I always try to take a step back and remind myself that IT’S ONLY YOGA! Health and well-being are so important but so is remembering that there is more to life 😉

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