Monday Motivation: How to stop procrastinating

Assalamu-Alaykum (peace be upon you)

& a very happy new start of the week y’all!!!

It’s been over two weeks again that I haven’t posted anything.

Uni and personal stuff keep me busy all day long so I hardly come to write interesting posts for you! But to describe my situation perfectly, I found concindentally a very beautiful post on one of my most favourite blogs: Layali Webzine, a platform for Muslim women to turn to and get the latest Muslimah Lifestyle news including topics such as faith, school, career, relationships, parenting, health, fashion, travel etc.

I came over this very helpful article by (just one of many many cool writers on Layali!), who’s a neuroscience graduate student at New York University.
She perfectly clarifies how to improve in being productive & how to stop procrastinating at the same time by simply giving hadiths (saying & teachings of Prophet Muhammad pbuh.).

And honestly? These hadiths ain’t even that hard to follow! 😉


The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said “There are two blessings seriously taken for granted (misused) by mankind, health and spare time.”

HADITH #2 (pretty similar with this one above):

 Take advantage of five things before those five things seize you; Your youth before your old age, your health before your sickness, your wealth before your poverty, your spare time before your being busy and your life before you death.

This can’t be any truer, am I right?
Even our Prophet back then knew that we people are very easily distracted and mostly don’t get things done on time when it’s actually THE time to do those certain things.

Many of us get their free time filled with meaningless videos of cats on YouTube, or being online on Facebook for hours just to scroll through people’s pages that aren’t even friends with you…It doesn’t even seem to have an end.
But our Prophet was spot on and made it clear to us that we are given blessings by God that we actually need to fulfill before they’re taken from us, but we keep taking them for granted…
Being YOUNG and HEALTHY, both MENTALLY and PHYSICALLY, are definitely reasons to take advantage of that.


This is the youngest we will ever be.

Youth is just such a blessing in time and to not take advantage of the whole energy and drive we have during this period of our lifetime would be awkwardly foolish.
I mean just imagine growing old and thinking back to your old times having reached almost any goal you had set for yourself. Wouldn’t that alone be a great satisfying feeling to strive more on work in the here and now? Think about it wisely: This is the youngest we will ever be.

Life before death

We need to always remind ourselves that this life is just a delusion and temporary, sooner or later it’ll come to an end. An end with a following everlasting hereafter which is going to be your last destination. Now if you truly remind yourself each day that there’s very little time left anyway, why would you still even try to waste your time? Isn’t it just irrelevant?

Don’t you think it’s just a waste of time when procrastination fills up your entire day? Or even life? Is it not too pity to leave important work for nonsense stuff which is simply less that important?

Don’t be like that.
Try accumulating as many good deeds as possible while you are here in this world as well as leaving continuous charity (sadaqa-jariya). You’ll not only stay productive this way, but also gain rewards for this world and the hereafter CONTINOUSLY! 🙂

Take home message

Beware of procrastination for you are (in) today and not (in) tomorrow.

These very clear hadiths above really remind us that when we put things off it is a mistake on our end because we may never get (back) to it. How can you know there’s a tomorrow for you? There may not be a tomorrow for you. You’ll then regret for not having used today because today is already yesterday.
So if you keep reminding yourself about this and make actually good use of your free time, getting things done and not procrastinating happens naturally.



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