This World was designed to Break You Down | Jack The Lad

Jack The Lad

This place is designed to break your heart. It was designed that way. If you’re looking to be happy in the Dunya, you’re in the wrong place.

Everybody has their tribulations and it’s very rare for people who have had their happy time, wonderful life…those people are rare…

the foundation of Dunya is tribulation.

it’s easier to forget Allah when things go well.

it’s much more difficult to forget Allah when things are difficult.

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The best worship is waiting for the ease from Allah to come when you’re in hardship.

If Muslims would just have that perspective, they would realise, if I’m just patient here with all these tribulations, I’m in ibaadah. You could just be sitting in your house. You’re in ibaadah!

BUT if you’re there complaining, woe is me, and everything is horrible and it’s doom and gloom and it’s all…

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