Assalamu-Alaykum folks!!!!

It’s been a pretty long time now since my last post, innit?! 4 months, I guess?? Whaaaat? Time flies, for sure!

I am quit sorry for my absence, too many things have happened all at once!
But hopefully, I’ll get back to my regular blogposts as soon as possible, inshaaAllah.

So many things I wanna tell you guys, but wanna keep it short! UGH!
Let’s just say- I’ve been on holidays for 1-2 weeks in lovely Holland and my beloved Germany, and as soon as I’ve got back home to Austria, university has already started. And so has stress. 😀


Due to my long absence from my blog and the sudden enormous amount of work (not only at uni), I have even thought of DELETING MY BLOG.

Yeah, that’s right. You’ve heard that right.

Of course this thought was not easy for me to internalize because y’know all this effort and passion I put into my blog, I couldn’t just finished it YET.


I have come to following conclusion that I won’t be able to post regularly anymore. At least no more 1-2 posts a month.


Maybe I’ll only be able to post ONLY 1 post every 2 months..?

I KNOW, I KNOW. No excuses, and all.

But you guys must understand that I do have my priorities.

I love blogging. It’s already been 1 YEAR (!?)  I’ve created this blog of mine, generally started blogging.

And all I can say is that it’s a very special experience.on its own.

Let’s just hope for more, or better things as alternatives to come for us all













Allahu Allam- God knows better. 🙂

Cheers! ❤

Bubu xo




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