Best of both worlds- why balance is so important!

Assalamu-alaykum (Peace be upon you) ! 🙂

So, recently I’ve watched this one of many great videos of Nouman Ali Khan (if you don’t know him yet, GET TO KNOW HIM NOW! May Allah reward him for his work, mashaAllah).

And making it short, it’s about how to be successful in both worlds- this dunya and akhira, the hereafter.

Well, let me get started explaining to you what beautiful message I’ve just learnt on the basis of that video.

As mentioned above, it’s all about being successful in both worlds, so that means, one wont’t lose in both of them, right? How is that even suppose to be understood?


Too many people (mostly muslims) tell me if I hold on my religion the way it should be actually done, I’d be probably lose and fail in this world. Why that? Y’know. Muslim women would incidentally have to work less (or give up entirely on their career!) just in order to care more for household. Giving up completely on their life goals because they “wouldn’t fit into today’s society etc etc etc”.


Did you know that Khadijah (first wife of Muhammad, peace be upon him) was a REAL BUSINESS WOMAN?

No, she would not let people get on her way telling her to leave work because of “wife issues such as household” and whatsoever.
But nowadays young girls intentionally plan to work even less as expected purely to rather have a normal wifey life once they’re getting married.

Rubbish. Manipulation. NONSENSE.

Even our Prophet (pbuh) told us to hustle and steadily be dedicated not only for the hereafter, but also for this current world.


The Prophet always insisted upon working hard. He is reported to have said: “One who works is the friend of Allah, and one who does not work is considered by Allah, to be His enemy” (

Even the Quran (Surah al-Najm, 53:39) acknowledges hard work.

“Man will not get anything unless he works hard” (

Many people forget to actually live because they misinterpret their religion. Isn’t that true?Sad, too. If only people knew the value of this..working enjoyably hard to reach balance in both worlds…not only for the hereafter.

And start living in this world, as well.


Y’know, life should be enjoyed.

And that’s what terrorists’ problems are.

They just don’t get this point. They fear of the hereafter and make this life a torture- for them and for their victims.
Terrorists are desperate, and not satisfied. Not happy. To reach happiness, they kill happiness of others.

This should be more implement, especially for our kids, the next generation, that life on this earth, right now at this era of time, should be enjoyed. Properly. Because we know, too much enjoyment leads to evil stuff, too.

Balance is required.


Too much of anything kills us. Too less, either.

Just like oceans could kill you, no amount of water at all could lead you to death, as well.

I guess, this way of thinking- of living life- hasn’t reached many many many of us,



That it’s all about balance.



Bubu ❤




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