My story

You know, I won’t go much into my whole childhood story and give you details about my private life. I won’t do this lame kind of thing which, I guess, doesn’t even interest people (anymore).
Rather, I’ll tell you a quick little story that led me doing this whole thing currently:

The first steps- When I got physically stronger

As much as I love fitness, as much as I’m passionate about being active, I haven’t always been like that.
Yeah, most probably not the first person you may come across who used to be a fattie and now turning into a fittie (sigh, how boring). BUT HEY! Nevertheless, my story is a little bit different and personally, very emotional to me.

It all started in 2011.
My daily routine wasn’t really healthy, not even slightly. I went to grade 9. All I did after school was coming home, eating lunch, doing homework/studying, watching some TV, surfing on the net, then again eating something, and then again watching TV. At the end of the day I would be THAT tired (of not being much physically active the whole day long. Sigh, the irony.), I wouldn’t know what to do else than sleeping. That’s how I basically spent the first few months of my grade 9.

But I wasn’t that stupid enough to keep on spending the next few months like that.
I got pretty fat (almost 85kg, barely muscles, much fat). So I decided to go for an online fitness workout plan on my own (without much necessary knowledge, oh god that won’t last much) on YouTube. One friend of mine joined in. We got so motivated and stuck to the plan! But like two-three weeks later, we quit. We basically ended up being more lazy, and this has really got me frustrated…

Good circumstances- When I got mentally stronger

After all this frustration, God put special people into my life that actually just knew how to switch on the right button on myself. I got to know amazing people (most of them I met online. Amelia, if you’re reading this, then feel being addressed, Jacob is basically dead lol) who got me into fitness. They didn’t tell me to do stuff, though. It was their actions that inspired and that I admired. Not much later, me and a good friend (who’s now my best friend. Esra you can also feel being addressed) got our first membership ever for the gym! I was so excited yet very nervous because I was still a beginner and very inexperienced. But with time, it worked pretty well for me.

So since then, I’ve been working very hard for a good physique and also becoming mentally stronger. And I must say, I AM STILL LEARNING AND WORKING OUT. It’s become pretty well a lifestyle for me praying I will never lose this spirit ever in my life (again).


Greatest love- When I got spiritually stronger

After I managed to come into grade 10, my life made a huge change. I lost many “friends” due to my new passion. It seemed like I had to force them to understand why I was being so passionate about my new hobby. And I finally figured out I can’t and won’t ever convinced them, so we just moved away from each other. Not suddenly, but gradually.
Funny how, just two months ago, I got rid of the person I once called my best friend. She was the last person I wanted to strikethrough in my list of “hated people”. And gosh, did that make me feel good!! 😀

I couldn’t just waste my time by hanging out with people that like being called friends of mine, but can’t just act like ones. And so should you, my dear friend.

Anyways, that year around 2011-2012, I finally started praying. As a muslim it’s obvious to pray 5 times daily, but I didn’t or hardly did. But then in Ramadhan 2011, I began this wonderful journey that made me fell in love with God (again, I am still learning and still working on myself). Before my journey I felt like I was in a constant gloom, in a world full of rush, full of hazy and disappointing people.
But once I started praying to Allah, the most Gracious, I eventually found myself not asking anymore “what’s the purpose of life anyway?” because from now on, there was actually a purpose, and that is only to serve one God that only He can bring you from a lazy, fat to a fit and active life.

Oh Allah, I am so thankful and grateful to You, please keep us being on the right path and never let us go astray. Ameen. ❤

So this is how my story went- and it’s still going! InshaAllah, if God’s willing :).
I’ve learnt a lot from the past and realized that, whatever evil you’re being stuck in, whatever harm you’re doing and regretting it afterwards, always trust in God and don’t ever think it’s too late for you to turn to the right path. May it be physically, mentally or spiritually. The worst failure, indeed, is thinking of already giving it all up.



Assalamu-alaykum (Peace be upon you)


4 thoughts on “My story

  1. Mir sind beim Lesen deiner Blogs die Tränen gekommen. Danke, dass du dir die Zeit nimmst und diese Blogs schreibst. Ich kenn dich jz schon sooo lange und es erfreut mich sehr, zu sehen dass du dich von Tag zu Tag zu einem wunderbaren Menschen entwickelst. Ich war kurz vorm verzweifeln bis ich deine Blogs gelesen habe. Sie haben mir nicht nur Mut gemacht weiterzumachen,sondern meinen Glauben an mich selbst verstärkt. Möge Allah s.w.a immer mit dir sein. Keep it up hooney ♡♡♡


    1. Liebe Nuria! Ich danke dir sehr für dein liebes Feedback. Du hast keine Ahnung wie sehr mir das bedeutet und wie sehr ich dies schätze. Leute wie dich motivieren mich nur weiterzumachen. Möge Allah dich segnen, Schatz. Auf unsere lange Freundschaft! 🙂


  2. Bubu i have known u long time ago maybe 3 to 4 years i guess 😆 .. i swear each time whether it is on twitter or Instagram and now here every single time i read ur words i feel like there is a hope of me being like u not a fattie but a fittie 😊 we may not met til now but truly i am honored to say i am glad that i know u 😊 stay strong girl keep it up and keep getting fit .. and i will too in sha Allah 😊


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